Thursday, May 29, 2008


Been a while since I've updated. Lets have a quick recap. Several races have come and gone since the 1st of April.

Mineral Wells Day 1- Brett 1st, Carlos 2nd, Me 3rd
Mineral Wells Day 2- Tyler 3rd

Ft. Davis- Tristan 4th (hill climb), Tyler 2nd (road race)

Mississippi Grand Prix- Carlos 1st road race, 6th tt, 4th crit, 2nd GC
                                            Tyler 12th tt, 3rd crit
                                            Tristan 5th road race, 13th tt
                                            Andrew 6th road race, 18th tt
                                            Tx Tough 2nd team Classification

Joe Martin Stage race- Carlos 6th tt, 3rd road race 1, 1st road race 2, 3rd crit, 1st GC!!
                                         Andrew 18th tt, 8th crit
                                         Tristan 9th tt, 4th road race 1, 9th GC
                                         Tyler 10th crit

Bear Creek criterium- Andrew 2nd
                                        Carlos 6th

Houston Grand Criterium- Carlos 2nd
                                                 Tyler 3rd
                                                 Andrew 17th

Gary Glickman Memorial Criterium- Andrew 7th
                                                                  Tyler 8th
                                                                  Geoff 10th
                                                                  Bryan 11th

GS Tenzing Criterium- Bryan 5th
                                          Carlos 7th

State Criterium Championships- Tyler 2nd
                                                           Bryan 5th
                                                           Andrew 6th

I have been in Dallas since the conclusion of Houston Grand. All the races lately have been up in this area anyway so I thought I would take this opportunity to visit my parents and see some of my friends while they are home from school. I have also gotten in a little bit of motor pacing to prep for all the crits. We leave for Tulsa tomorrow. The Tulsa Tough is such a fun and hard weekend of racing. Im stoked for this year. Tomorrow night is our first stage, then one Saturday night, and then Sunday afternoon. Our team will be split up. Myself, Tyler, Tristan, Barry and perhaps Geoff will be doing the Pro race; and Bryan, Surfer, Brett, and Chopper will be doing the 1,2 race to grab some cash and results. I assume Im going to be staying in Dallas until AT&T crit weekend. I really want to limit my racing this month. After Tulsa I plan on hitting the 2 Matrix crits here in Dallas and then going back home for our AT&T criterium. I am opting out of the age based state championships this year. My main focus for the rest of the year is on SuperWeek, u23 and Elite nationals in California, Hotter N Hell, and of course the TX TOUGH pro criterium in Victory park on September 13th. Shameless plug i know.
My injuries are close to 100% healed up and now my fitness is coming back around. Finally! What a frustrating season thus far. i have had to make some early season sacrifices, but I believe it will pay off by the time the season is over. I have been doing a little bit of track racing also. I always forget how much fun it is when there are 20+ people racing out at the Superdrome in Frisco. Such good training too. Good Times

The website is complete as far as I know. Please go check it out and donate in my behalf! Each of us have to raise a minimum of $500. Go make a donation for the Childrens Medical Center of Dallas.
Hopefully my next update will be soon. I'll try to check bak in after Tulsa.